LogoChurch of Extángelà

Who We Are

The Church of Extángelà is a church of self-knowledge, personal responsibility, positive sexuality, deep friendship, tribal intimacy, alignment with the natural world, immanent divinity, appreciation of the diverse nature of humanity, and magical training. The Church of Extángelà is primarily a spiritual group that encourages members to seek ‘religion’ based upon their own current understanding of the ways in which the spiritual manifests in the mundane world. Religion is defined as the reconnecting of our awareness to the fundamentally spiritual nature of human existence.

What We Do

The Church of Extángelà focuses on personal and community responsibility, empowerment, accountability, and spirituality rather than the hierarchical structure of almost all organized religions. With that understanding of Church of Extángelà’ path it is possible to express this fusion of beliefs, community values, and spirituality in many different forms without creating dogma. The Church of Extángelà is inclusive, rather than exclusive, of varied pantheons. Any representation of Human and Divine may be utilized, as long as it empowers the members to fulfill their personal vision and goals with dignity, integrity, and respect for each others’ spectrum of beliefs. Naturally, anyone may follow those paths that lack such integrity and respect for others, but must do so outside of the Extángelàn spiritual framework.

Members enjoy varied magical, religious and social events. These include: diverse and unique rituals, magical training, gourmet potlucks, drumming circles, fire walks, dancing, philosophical discussions, travel, conversing, puns, sports, alternative lifestyles; as well as anything that involves a chance to expand one's horizons either in spirit, skill, knowledge, or enjoyment.

The Church of Extángelà also hosts various festivals, conventions and spirit travels, which include ritual, water sharing, dancing, drumming, seminars, and spiritual quickening.