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The Mysteries

The Mysteries of Extángelà is a personal a Mystery Initiation that has been held annually since 2001 at FireHeart near Toledo, Ohio. The next one is scheduled for August 8, 2020.

Due to the nature of The Mysteries of Extángelà participation is restricted to those in a current cycle of eighteen contiguous years of life or more.

The Mysteries of Extángelà is personally transformative and is a overnight initiatory rite. As such participation requires advance preparation by the Mystai (those who are undergoing the ordeal). Successful completion of the initiation is not a foregone conclusion for anyone. It cannot be stressed enough that this rite is sacred, serious, personal spirituality and magic and cannot be entered into lightly.

The Mysteries of Extángelà initiation follows an ancient tradition generally unknown in the current era of Gaia. The postulants will be facing intimate issues and will possibly wrestle with ongoing internal reactions to past experiences. The goal is to become more in oneself and less buffeted by external stimuli.

If you are interested in personal spiritual, emotional and magical growth by attempting this first-level initiation, contact us as soon as possible. The number of initiates is extremely limited.

The Mysteries of Extángelà has three different types of initiation. One initiation type is not of a 'higher' level than another, but they are each unique in what they impart. The first completion is as a Mystai. The second is as a Novitiate. The third is as Kàst. One may go through the experience multiple times as a Mystai, Novitiate or Kàst. Each performance of the Mysteries is unique.

Contact: Walks With Fire – via email to mysteries@extangela.org.

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