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Mysteries Comments

Hello My Beloved Tribe, Though I don't write often, I do read and keep up with the goings on back in Toledo. I just wanted to say that I have been privileged to participate in the Mysteries since FireHeart began hosting them. It is an incredibly transformative experience and one that has come to be one of the most meaningful weekends of the year for me.

I shared with Ron and Raven before my move to Washington that, no matter what, I would find a way to come back and celebrate the mysteries at FireHeart each year. It is *that* important to me and to my spiritual development.

Both Ron and Raven (along with Candy, Kevin, our much loved Jim and many others) have played a very significant role in my path. They have been teachers, guides, family and friends. But the opportunity to share in this very magical working with them has proven astounding to my spiritual growth and direction.

I strongly urge each of you to consider carefully this opportunity to challenge and expand your path. It is not easy. It is not something at all to be taken lightly. But it is as amazing and worthwhile as anything I have done to date. I will be there.

I am keeping my promise. I am honored to be a part of the team this year along with some fantastic other folks who have also made this incredible journey. I look forward to seeing YOU partake in this event. For those of you who know me well, I generally don't give too many "plugs" of this nature so take this for what it is worth.

Much love and sweet flowing water to you, Saille'

I came to the Mysteries with much trepidation. I had never gone on a ‘public’ journey before. Any work I had ever done had been very private. I have to say that my fears were completely unfounded. Journeying with the other Mystai could not have been better. We sounded off each other, listened to each other, enjoyed being with each other. I think all of us came from that wonderful experience having learned a lot. I can’t say that I always remember to apply all I learned about myself, but I only have to return to that night to remind myself. I want to thank all the people who were involved and I look forward to helping others journey next year.

This past weekend I got everything I needed from the ordeal. This year I was much stronger than I ever have been. I thank everyone for the support and encouragement.

Each person that was there for the weekend, that I talked to, I mean everyone from Thursday evening when I left (even the phone conversations) to the time I opened my door at home Sunday night, has helped me a great deal. On the way home I did not turn on the radio for 6 hours (towards the end I had to because I was a little tired). I sat and relived everything from the weekend, looking at its importance or unimportance and I did not over analyze anything… just took it in, thought about it and its affect on me.

I feel so much better. I feel empowered.

‘Twas truly a Wondrous Experience, the Mysteries, my 4th time and I so enjoyed getting to know others in our Tribe better and greeting new friends who chose to jump into “the Heart of the Fire” at FireHeart – for this event is quite powerful as a catalyst for Transformation and Healing. Yes, we do all benefit from this as we share our insights on our Journey. In sharing our Stories we realize how much we are alike.

I'm still processing all that happened this weekend during The Mysteries, and I'm positive I'll continue to process for many months to come. I don't think I've ever felt quite so open... wide open. I've been experiencing sadness at a level I don't think I've ever visited - deep and cleansing. Instead of resisting, I've just been letting myself feel. Perhaps I'm making room for more love and joy in my life.

Anyway, words can not express the value of The Mysteries. I invite those who have not participated to consider doing so next year!

Thank you to my fellow Mystai and to the wonderful Kàst. I fell in love with all of you!

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