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Extángelà FireHeart Imbolc

Saturday, February 1st – 5 PM until 10 PM

You Are Invited – Please RSVP!

Come and join with other fine, like-minded folk for a celebration of midwinter. The heart of, and the reason for, Imbolc is Keeping the Flame Alive! We gather for Spiritual Quickening via an Imbolc Ritual, Dinner Potluck • and Festivities to uplift our mood during the darkness of winter.

Keeping the Flame Alive means that you celebrate those things that uplift. So, for these festivities you should dress up. That means wear something uplifting and fun. Also bring great food and share happy music, poetry and dance.

We will be drafting people to help for the ritual, so think of ways you would like to participate.

Bring a side dish to share (salad, bread, dessert, etc.) to complement soup or chili.

Also bring joy and blessings as well as drums and other musical instruments. Please note that this is a bring your own beverage event.

Click here for more information about Imbolc

RSVP Please: email Sol@extangela.org or call/text 567-225-9466